Photo-art: handmade large format black and white dryplates

Celebrities photographed on high-resolution, handcrafted, analog glass plate negatives.

Handmade, unique silver-gelatin dryplate photography

Dryplate, also known as gelatin process, is an improved type of photographic plate. It was invented by Dr. Richard L. Maddox in 1871, and by 1879 it was so well introduced that the first dry plate factory had been established. With much of the complex chemistry work centralized into a factory, the new process simplified the work of photographers, allowing them to expand their business.

After years of testing the german based photographer Valery Kloubert is reusing this nearly forgotten technique.
In search of a minimalistic photography, Valéry Kloubert wanted to know if there is a method that focuses model and photographer on the moment of exposure, if the essence can be captured in a portrait and whether it is possible to develop an emulsion, which sharpness would reflect the uniqueness of each person.
After two years of testing the result is convincing. Sharply drawn portraits emerge from the glass in the darkroom. The glassnegative reflects the personality, which is characterized by ups and downs of life and can be seen in each face. Unvarnished, fascinating, opinion-forming. The portraits convey a message. They show the individuality of people and the art in photography.

“meinungsbilder” – opinion shots

Valéry Kloubert´s art project “meinungsbilder” (“opinion shots”) favors the German bone marrow donor DKMS and shows unique portraits of famous celebrities like Wim Wenders and Toni Schumacher and many others in the incredible size of 1.50 x 2.00 meters (60 x 79 inch). They can be acquired as limited fine art prints in 3 different sizes.

Meinungsbilder Vernissage Art.Fair. Portraits prominenter Persönlichkeiten zugunsten der DKMS von dem Fotografen Valery Kloubert aus Köln

“Meinungsbilder” by Valery Kloubert: 20,000 EUR proceeds for charity art project

Famouse german personalities photographed on handcrafted historical gelatine glass plates with modern analog camera technology. Extremely sharp and extremely large. The traveling exhibition with…

Finissage der Meinungsbilder Ausstellung mit Glasplattenportraits in Köln von dem Fotografen Valery Kloubert

Finissage of the art exhibition for the benefit of the DKMS

After a small roundtrip in Germany, starting in Düsseldorf, via Lingen in the norzh, the large portraits of the "opinion pictures" (Meinungsbilder) have now returned to Cologne. At the end the…

Meinungsbilder Vernissage Innside Düsseldorf mit Professor Dietrich Grönemeyer

“Meinungsbilder” Vernissage: Celebrities portrayed on glassplates

In the presence of Professor Dietrich Grönemeyer, the vernissage of the current exhibition at the Hotel INNSIDE Düsseldorf Seestern. took place The large-format portraits can be seen until 26th April…

About Valéry Kloubert, photographer in Cologne

Valéry Kloubert has been a freelance advertising, people and portrait photographer in the Cologne-Düsseldorf area since 1993, photographing photo reports for magazines, magazines and daily newspapers as well as campaigns for advertising agencies and companies. To date, the business photographer’s clients have included brands such as: Audi, Afri Cola, DAB Miller, Electronic Arts, EMI Music, Gaffel Kölsch, Hornbach, Karlsberg, Pernod Ricard, Randstad, Unilever… For inquiries, please contact his photo studio or his Photographer representation E+A mail/at/

Due to his services to photography, the self-taught Valéry Kloubert has been an appointed member of the German Society for Photography (DGPh) since 2015.

The photographer from Cologne has been dealing with the beginnings of photography for years and is giving historical SW photography a new look in his photo studio. Fine art photography based on handmade silver gelatine glass plates underlines the art of craftsmanship and enriches the knowledge of photography.

contact to Valery Kloubert

Valery Kloubert, Fotograf aus Köln

Valery Kloubert, photographer DGPh

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Represented by: Agentur für Photographen

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