People- and Portrait- photographer from Cologne/Duesseldorf (western Germany) specialized on corporate- advertising and celebrity-photography.

Valery Kloubert is specialized on people and portrait photography and based in from Cologne / Düsseldorf, Germany, focusing on corporate and advertising photography.
Born in Cologne, Valéry Kloubert (* 1974), has dealt with the beginnings of photography for years and is giving a new look to dryplates in his art projects. His photographic work is regularly found in advertising campaigns and editorials. His art project “opinion pictures” favors the German bone marrow donor DKMS …

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Dryplate black & white negativ production


The photo portfolio shows a selection of current production. On request, we would be happy to send you an individual look book with suitable photographs. Just call on +49 163 55 68 237 or write an e-mail to the photographers office.

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Photography news

Echte Thyssengas Mitarbeiter. HR photography - employerbranding werbefotografie in der industrie

Thyssengas: Employer Branding

For the well-known gas pipeline network operator Thyssengas, the company's own skilled workers had to be photographed as ambassadors for recruiting employees. From the commercial employees to the…

Gesundes Trinkwasser dank Produkten von Viega. Valery Kloubert inszeniert ein Kind beim Wassertrinken auf einer Küche sitzend. symphatische Werbefotografie

Viega: Drinking Water Brochure

Viega GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Attendorn in the Sauerland region, is an international family-owned company with over 4,700 employees worldwide. For the specialist in sanitary, heating and…

Frauhenhofer Corporate fotografie Wissenschaftlerin portraitiert von Valery kloubert

Fraunehofer: KI Coverstory “How data makes us healthy”

Under the title "The penicillin of today - Only nine percent of all German hospitals use artificial intelligence so far. Yet it could revolutionize medicine and significantly relieve the burden on…

B2B Kampagne Henkel Teroson Bautechnik

Henkel: Teroson FO 2 FR Brandschutz

Teroson FO 2 FR is a waterproofing film system for exterior use on windows, on parapets, on other elements as well as on the structure of curtain walls. It meets all the properties that are crucial…

Xmas Weihnachtsfoto Fotograf_Koeln

peacful christmas

Merry Christmas, a happy 2023 and peace on earth   Cinnamon stars For the dough 400 g ground almonds 250 g powdered sugar 1 pinch of cinnamon 2 egg whites (size M) 2 tablespoons amaretto 1 pck.…

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Image and documentary films inspire viewers and get the message across. Films have the task of bringing the statements to the viewer with exciting perspectives and good stories.

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Photo-art: handmade large format black and white dryplates

Celebrities photographed on high-resolution, handcrafted, analog glass plate negatives.

Meinungsbilder Vernissage Art.Fair. Portraits prominenter Persönlichkeiten zugunsten der DKMS von dem Fotografen Valery Kloubert aus Köln

“Meinungsbilder” by Valery Kloubert: 20,000 EUR proceeds for charity art project

Famouse german personalities photographed on handcrafted historical gelatine glass plates with modern analog camera technology. Extremely sharp and extremely large. The traveling exhibition with…

Finissage der Meinungsbilder Ausstellung mit Glasplattenportraits in Köln von dem Fotografen Valery Kloubert

Finissage of the art exhibition for the benefit of the DKMS

After a small roundtrip in Germany, starting in Düsseldorf, via Lingen in the norzh, the large portraits of the "opinion pictures" (Meinungsbilder) have now returned to Cologne. At the end the…

Meinungsbilder Vernissage Innside Düsseldorf mit Professor Dietrich Grönemeyer

“Meinungsbilder” Vernissage: Celebrities portrayed on glassplates

In the presence of Professor Dietrich Grönemeyer, the vernissage of the current exhibition at the Hotel INNSIDE Düsseldorf Seestern. took place The large-format portraits can be seen until 26th April…

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contact to Valery Kloubert

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Valery Kloubert, photographer DGPh

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