Privatbrauerei Gaffel: Pure Erfrischung

“Pure refreshment” during the photo shoot as well as when enjoying this local lemonade. This year we have again lived up to the claim to add a new image to the beautiful series. With a little more distance and calmer than in previous year, but still in the middle of the action and in the hart of Cologne. It’s hard to believe, but this shot was created in a municipal fountain on Kaisewr-Wilhelm-Ring, not far from Cologne’s nightclubs.

For Valery Kloubert this is now the 8th motif in the campaign that he has accompanied since its start in 2012. All billbord images have a regional reference to Cologne, the nudity and the pure refreshment on the topic. They are always a special challenge: for the naturally beautiful models from the Rhineland, for the location in and around the cathedral city and for the local weather.

The private brewery Gaffel set the trend in 2010 from Cologne and launched the first fassbrause on the market. All Gaffel Fassbrause are made only with natural ingredients, made without artificial flavors and additives. The perfect, pure, alcohol-free refreshment. Multiple awards and four times the gold DLG medal for quality underline its quality.