Gaffel´s Fassbrause Kampagne 2022

A campaign for freedom, fun and spontaneity – Gaffels Fassbrause campaign conveys real attitudes to life. A group of friends enjoys a warm summer night and jumps into a pool full of high spirits. Of course a little secretly …
“All billboards have an emotional structure and reflect authentically refreshing situations,” says Thomas Deloy, Head of Marketing and PR at the Gaffel private brewery in Cologne. “The ‘Pure Erfrischung’ (pure refreshment) campaign is perfectly illustrated in our photography.”
Photographer Valery Kloubert captured the scene in a private home in Cologne. The models are amateurs and friends of each other. The “Pool” image has been on large-format posters and city light columns in the greater Cologne area since spring. Valery Kloubert also realized various clips for social media and YouTube.