Valery Kloubert, photographer DGPh

Light is the only constant. Otherwise, everything is relative.*

For photographer Valéry Kloubert, light is not only a constant, but also the most important ingredient of a portrait photographer. Since the age of 13, Valéry Kloubert has loved photography. During his school years, he acquired his first equipment as a photojournalist and photographer.

Later, as a young photojournalist in England, he uncovered a national scandal in British schools and, at 20, spent his compulsory military service as a photographer and “court reporter” for the German Armed Forces and Defense Minister Volker Rühe in Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania and Wales.

He accompanied renowned people, product and portrait photographers as an assistant and developed his preference for naturally staged portraits, learned how to handle all analog camera systems of professional photographers and the exact implementation of demanding layouts.

Valéry Kloubert has been photographing from Cologne and Düsseldorf since 1993, designing advertising campaigns, editorials and image portraits for clients such as: Afri Cola, Asus, Audi, Axe, Electronic Arts, EMI Music, Gaffel Kölsch, Hornbach, Karlsberg, Rittal, Randstad, Sony, ThyssenGas, Viega and Vodafone…. In the process, he portrayed numerous stars and celebrities. Photo sessions were held in which, among others, the celebrities Harald Schmidt, Henning Baum, Stefan Raab, Guido Cantz, Tranquillo Barnetta, Kai Ebel, Nazan Eckes, Cem Özdemir, Anette Frier, Bernhard Hoecker, David Kirsch, Janine Kunze, Peter Kloeppel, Gurdun Landgrebe, Lothar Matthäus, Malcom McLaren, Andreas Möller, Kai Pflaume, Lukas Podolski, Michael Rummenigge, Toni Schumacher, Hub Stevens and Wim Wenders and many more.

Furthermore, he also works as a photojounalist and portrays people of current events, mainly from business and politics, for numerous national and international magazines and newspapers.

For the Cologne/Düsseldorf photographer, photography should look natural and light should be the constant stylistic device – no matter how tricky. He still owns his own black and white and color photo lab and also pursues photography as a hobby. Valéry Kloubert produces handmade gelatin negatives and portrays opinionated celebrities for his charity project “meinungsbilder” for the benefit of the DKMS German Bone Marrow Donor Center.

Valery Kloubert is part of the Laif photo agency and, due to his services to photography, has been an appointed member of the German Society for Photography (DGPh) since 2015.

* modified from Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity

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Valery Kloubert, Fotograf aus Köln

Valery Kloubert, photographer DGPh

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